Jenn D - April / May 2013

20 May Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well April was filled with a lot of university work, hence why I am giving this artist a two month span, since I had planned to give her Artist of the Month in April. But as I explained in her first music video, I was occupied. And I know I have done the right thing because as I type up this article, Jenn D has been randomly selected by iTunes shuffle and I'm currently listening to her second song.

Jenn D, real name Jennifer Davies, is something different for Artist of the Month. As many of you know I am a major supporter of dance music and especially people on 'All Around The World Productions', their subsidiary productions such as '3beat Records', as well as previous artists on the 'Hard2Beat/Dance Nation Records'. And Jenn D is a new artist on 'All Around The World Productions'. With two singles released and an album in sight, I question whether she will gain enough popularity to chart, or will she disappear in the next few years? Guess time will tell, but I will be supporting her all the way.

She has previously tried success in band Soft Toy Emergency, she then decided to go solo, but caused trouble since she was using the stage name Vela, which is already in use. She finally settled with Jenn D. I just hope that her album gets released, and isn't shelved away for the rest of eternity.

Unlike the other Artists of the Month, Jenn D has not done covers on her YouTube channel, leaving much to be desired from this girl, she clearly has more to give us, but with little to listen to apart from her two singles, I am eager, and I reckon the rest of her fans are eager too, to hear the album or at least some samples. As per usual, All Around The World Productions has the rights to releasing the music videos and releases them on their own YouTube channel. (As of 2014, the videos have been taken down, see explanation at the bottom of the post).

So to keep up with her, you'll have to keep an eye on iTunes, as well as her facebook and twitter page. And hopefully her album will be out soon, or at least a new song and music video. Her first song "Lose It", was an over the top dance song, yet she managed to reign it all in for the second single "You Keep Giving Me Your Love". She clearly has a lot of things stored up her sleeves, and I reckon we will end up with a diverse album. I just can't wait to see what she has in store for us all. It'll either be awesome and epic, or it could be a complete failure. Let's hope it's the former and not the latter. (As of 2014 she is now known as Jennifer Davies, and has released an EP which you can buy on iTunes, listen to on Spotify, or download for free on her website by clicking here)