Sam Callahan - February 2013

15 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sam Callahan quickly came to my attention this month due to a magazine that featured him in. It was one page but that's all it took and for some reason he stood out. It interested me into buying his single and I am so glad I took a risk as this is definitely one artist we are never going to forget about, as his voice is top-notch. Sam is 18 years old, but he has already been to The Sylvia Young Theatre School, where he met the District3 boys and Nathan Sykes (from The Wanted). This is an artist who already has links, soon enough they'll be quoting his name as people they know. 
He has done various covers of songs my favourite having to be "We'll Be Coming Back" well known as Calvin Harris Featuring Example, but this cover should be just as famous as it is magical. It is slowed down and pulls at my heart strings for some unknown reason. This is the power of Sam Callahan's voice, it draws attention to his words and his meaning effortlessly. His version of the song can be found below. The song can also be purchased as the second track on the Runaway Train Single.

He's other well-known cover which also appears on the Runaway Train Single is "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" made famous by Taylor Swift. This one even has a video to go with it. I'm not sure what it is about Piers, but I always find them romantically linked in some way or another, and it's so capturing and infallible, that the waves just makes it all the more special. Although it only counts when he's under the pier, on it just doesn't have the same feelings. There's a lot of busking going on and I'm surprised no one comes up to him, they're probably scared of the camera. I like the amusements and everything else. I think this video is pretty up there along with the amazing cover version.

He is frequently releasing cover videos on YouTube, and I reckon most will appear on iTunes soon enough, and I wait patiently for that day. He has covered One Direction's "Little Things" which can be viewed by clicking here, it is passionate and soulful, we kind of see a different side to Sam Callahan, but it's a side we all like, and we can really feel his emotion through every word. Another is Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" can be viewed here, this one is raw, and uncut, it's quick and unplanned, but sometimes raw is exactly what we want, and we can see what Sam is like behind the stage. This video also includes a guest feature who goes by the name of Kevin McGuire, another up and coming guy that I'm sure we'll be seeing more of in the future. The most recent cover version is Justin Bieber's "Be Alright", this is a video to thank all his fans, and he performs it effortlessly. Click Here to see it. 

So what's around the corner for Sam Callahan? Well he has a few tour dates coming up, and he will be supporting Room 94 on their tour. Hopefully a new single will be out soon, I have my fingers crossed that the Justin Bieber cover gets released on that single too, and I also hope an album is on its way. I have reviewed his single "Runaway Train", it got four stars from me, and I believe that his future music video will follow with the high ratings. I wish Sam Callahan every luck at attracting fans (that isn't going to be hard) and I hope the day one of his singles chart is some time soon. Runaway Train is available on iTunes in the UK, click here to buy it now, you won't be disappointed. (As of October 2013, the single has been taken down due to Sam Callahan being a contestant on The X Factor UK) - Edited 20/10/13